2017 Slingshot Guide Application 

If you are an organization doing innovative Jewish work, we want to hear about it!

Who Should Apply?

  1. Is your project innovative in that it is creative, inventive, pioneering or groundbreaking in responding to the changing needs of the Jewish community? Are you meeting an unmet need, or serving an underserved population, in a different or new way?
  2. Do your activities have significant impact on the North American Jewish Community (beyond fundraising), and do you have enough data and experience to demonstrate that impact?
  3. Is your organization or project in a financially secure and stable place?
  4. Does your organization or project provide leadership to the field in which you work some way?

If you answered, “yes” to all of these questions, your organization sounds like it would be a strong candidate for inclusion in Slingshot ’17. If you are unsure if you are eligible to apply, please email info@slingshotfund.org to speak to a Slingshot staff member.

Why Should I Apply?

More than 80% of organizations featured receive increased or new funding due to their inclusion, almost 90% receive media attention, and most build partnerships with other innovative organizations. Slingshot also exposes featured organizations to a network of next gen funders. The bottom line – Slingshot is a national seal of approval that can be used to further a variety of goals in creative ways.

Is There Guaranteed Funding Attached? 

No, selection for the guide does not guarantee funding from Slingshot. The Slingshot Fund makes grants of $10,000-$30,000 to a select number of projects featured in Slingshot.  Organizations selected for a Slingshot Guide in any given year are eligible to be considered for funding from the Slingshot Fund in that year. 

How Do I Apply?

ALL applications must be filled out online. Based on the definitions below, please choose which application you will complete: Start Up; Mezzanine; or Legacy and click on the appropriate link. If you have questions about which stage you fall under, please email info@slingshotfund.org to set up time to have a conversation with Slingshot staff. In order to assist you in writing your application, an application guide and copy of each application’s questions can be found below.

  • Start-Up: “A start-up organization is in its earliest stages of development. It typically has a founder with a vision or idea but has just begun to establish a funding stream, employee structure, business model, and practices and approaches. Its programming is highly experimental.” START UP APPLICATION FOUND HERE.
  • Mezzanine: “An organization is in the mezzanine phase following its start-up phase. By this point, the organization may have pilot tested its organizational idea, document outcomes, and developed a written plan for growth, but it has not yet achieved large geographic scale or wide adoption. Sometimes known as post-start-up, [these organizations] have established a track record of funding, engaged a set of people in defined roles, formed a board, written a set of policies, and defined its business model.”[1] MEZZANINE APPLICATION FOUND HERE.
  • Legacy: Legacy organizations are “marked by greater brand awareness – of the organization and its programs and services. The nonprofit is larger and has more hierarchy, with clearly defined management roles. In this stage, the fundraising program has become more sophisticated, perhaps including an endowment or planned giving. The nonprofit has established a strategic plan and is governed by a more diverse board of directors.”[2] LEGACY APPLICATION FOUND HERE.

This year we will be publishing two additional supplements, a guide to Jewish Innovation in Los Angeles and a guide to Jewish Innovation in San Fransisco. If you would like to be considered for either of these guides, there are a few additional questions at the end of the application. This is entirely optional, but in order to be considered for either supplemental guide, you MUST complete both the entire application and the supplemental questions.  

Click the links below for an Application Guide and PDF versions of the questions included in each one of the three applications: 

Applications are due no later than Monday, November 7th at 5pm EST.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email info@slingshotfund.org.


[1] “From First Fruits to Abundant Harvest: Maximizing the Potential of Innovative Jewish Start-Ups,” 2012

[2] “Thriving Throughout the Stages of a Nonprofit Organization,” 2011


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