Contact: Rabbi Rachel Nussbaum
Phone 206.713.1953
Address PO Box 19666 Seattle, WA 98109
Board Chair Julie Katz
Full Time Staff 2
2014 Expenses $366,000

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“Kavana is willing and able to challenge the evolving status quo and present a truly innovative cooperative model that challenges establishment assumptions about young Jews’ interests and commitment.”

Kavana Cooperative

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Pioneering a new high-engagement model for how local Jewish communities can be organized through building compelling and meaningful Jewish life.

Why It's In Slingshot

The Kavana Cooperative knows that local, intimate, neighborhood-based Jewish communities best meet the needs of 21st century Jews, and its approach radically changes the form and function of a synagogue. Kavana is a true co-op: the organization refers to members as “partners” rather than “congregants,” and each partner must contribute to the cooperative in a meaningful way. This allows for multiple entry points into Jewish engagement in an authentically pluralistic community unlimited by denominational affiliations. Unlike other unaffiliated spiritual communities, The Kavana Cooperative does not center solely on prayer but seeks to help its partners become producers, rather than merely consumers, of Jewish lives with kavana, or “intention”. Kavana partnership involves regular participation, volunteering, and financial contributions, and 95% of partners meet that commitment with active engagement in their communities. Partners meet regularly for holiday and Shabbat services in locations ranging from parks to living rooms, and the cooperative offers camping trips, varied educational opportunities, and a Hebrew-language immersion preschool. Within Kavana, other smaller groups and gatherings occur based on the interests and locations of partners. All of these elements together create what the cooperative calls “personalized Judaism in a community context.

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