Contact: Rachel Cort; Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann
Phone 312.972.3422
Address 4001 N Ravenswood Suite 403A Chicago, IL 60642
Board Chair James Johnson
Full Time Staff 2
2014 Expenses $446,000

Evaluator Quote

“The leadership of Chicago’s Jewish community of the future are Mishkan-goers today.”

Mishkan Chicago

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National, Midwest


Engaging, educating, connecting, and inspiring Chicagoans through dynamic experiences of Jewish prayer, learning, and community building.

Why It's In Slingshot

Mishkan Chicago is the latest spiritual community to disprove the conventional wisdom that young Jews do not want to engage in religious life. Many initiatives designed for younger people provide a watered-down version of Jewish content, thinking that anything too deep or involved causes young people to balk. Mishkan, however, works precisely because it does not offer a “lite” version of Judaism. The organization shows that asking less of participants only gets less from them, but asking for more – and giving real spiritual connection and community – gets much more. Through discussion groups, classes, music, and prayer, through developing individual relationships and community-building activities, Mishkan Chicago provides a diverse, accessible, and relevant set of authentic Jewish opportunities. Over 1,500 young adults have attended Mishkan Chicago programs in the past year, including 75 volunteers for one of its three leadership teams: Love, Justice, or Davening (prayer). Mishkan has deeply entrenched itself in the broader Chicago Jewish community, working in neighborhoods throughout the city. The organization partners with organizations across Chicago, including fellow Slingshot organizations AVODAH, SVARA, and Moishe House. This year, it has also developed Mini Mishkan, which works to expand Mishkan Chicago’s offerings to young parents who, for various reasons, do not feel at home in traditional synagogue settings. By offering a new and relevant model for “doing Jewish,” Mishkan has built a new address for progressive and rich Jewish engagement in Chicago.

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