Contact: Hyim Brandes
Phone 818.464.3399
Address 22622 Vanowen Street West Hills, CA 91307
Board Chair Matthew Weintraub
Full Time Staff 3
2014 Expenses $429,000

Evaluator Quote

“Many of us challenge ourselves
to figure out how to provide meaningful and participatory Jewish education
for children with disabilities, and OJA clearly has discovered and developed a successful venture.”

Online Jewish Academy

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Providing personalized learning opportunities to students with learning disabilities and other atypical learners.

Why It's In Slingshot

The Online Jewish Academy (OJA) believes that no student should lack a Jewish education just because he or she struggles in traditional classrooms or
has learning disabilities. OJA uses innovations in technology to make Jewish education more available and accessible than ever before. Often, Jewish day schools alone do not have the abilities to create individual learning plans for students in ways that enable students to succeed and remain in Jewish day school. OJA supplements day schools’ efforts by offering student-centered, online and in-classroom educational support. Through OJA, students learn on their home campuses with their time split between regular classrooms and OJA’s online blended learning Beit Midrash, which serves students of many different learning styles. Highly-trained OJA professionals partner with schools to create individualized learning plans, helping students excel not just academically but also in extracurricular pursuits, sports, and other campus activities. Learning coaches adjust
the courses for each student’s interest, pace, and strengths. OJA offers new possibilities for children with learning differences and provides an excellent example of combining educational and technological innovations with the rich body of Jewish tradition.

Ways To Get Involved

1. Find us online by visiting our website and follow us on twitter and like our Facebook page.

2. We are getting ready to expand the program and are looking for candidate schools.  They can share our information with their local schools and have them get in touch if they are interested in bringing OJA to their campus.

3. Students, Teachers and educators can share great lessons and content.  Whether they have created it themselves or just want to recommend materials for us to use, both in general and Jewish Studies, we are always looking for good stuff to use.

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