Contact: Rabbi Yonah Bookstein
Phone 562.355.2939
Address 1134 South Crest Drive Los Angeles, CA 90035
Board Chair Josh Kaplan
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2014 Expenses $150,000

Evaluator Quote

“This is a brilliant idea. The festival scene is huge, and the approach of going to them, pitching a tent, and inviting those who would like to come in is simple and elegant.”

Shabbat Tent

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Creating Jewish hospitality and programming at national music and camping festivals.

Why It's In Slingshot

Celebrating Shabbat might be the last thing on young Jews’ minds when planning their next trip to a music festival like Bonnaroo or Coachella. But by setting
up camp at popular music festivals, Shabbat Tent broadens ideas about where Shabbat celebrations can occur and what those celebrations can include. Instead of trying to create events that attract young Jews into Jewish establishments, Shabbat Tent finds the festival where Jews in their 20s and 30s already hang out and seamlessly weaves an energizing Shabbat experience into the excitement of the event. Shabbat Tent offers meals to festivalgoers along with a full spectrum of Shabbat activities, from candle lighting to Havdalah, as well as Jewish yoga and meditation classes or deep theological conversations. Run by volunteers, including veteran campers, cooks, Jewish educators, and music experts,
the Shabbat Tent’s 1,600 square-foot decorated landmark visibly makes its mark at festivals. Some festival coordinators already recognize Shabbat Tent as an important element of the overall experience, setting the organization in high-trafficked, centralized locations and placing its location on official festival maps. Going forward, Shabbat Tent aims to have a tent at every festival, ensuring that wherever Jews go, they can always access Shabbat.

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