Thank you for using a Slingshot Gift Card to support one of the 50 organizations listed in Slingshot ’16. If you are just learning about Slingshot and Jewish innovation, we encourage you to click around our website to learn more about this interesting space.

Slingshot looks for relevancy in Jewish life. In short, what makes sense for Jewish life in the 21st century? We are led to believe that the Jewish community was different 50 years ago. We lived in the same place, had similar needs, and the question of “affiliation” was hardly a question at all. Despite all of the changes in the world, and in the needs of the Jewish community, Jewish organizations did not change too. All of the organizations listed in Slingshot ’16 have responded to that change and are serving real needs in Jewish life in North America. Many people are surprised to discover that Judaism can play a meaningful and relevant role in their lives, maybe after years of doubt.

Please explore this page and click here to learn more about all of the organizations in this year’s Slingshot guide!

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Slingshot Gift Cards - 2014/2015

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