Engaging Next Generation Funders.

The Slingshot Fund is a peer giving network for young Jews in their 20s and 30s, designed to support Jewish organizations that resonate with the Fund members. The Slingshot Fund exposes its next generation funders to a professional grant-making process, and provides them with opportunities to develop philanthropic skills and learn from experts in the field while leveraging their small gifts into a significant grant pool.

Catalyst for involvement in Jewish and philanthropic communities.

For next-generation funders, Slingshot is a catalyst to becoming involved with the Jewish and philanthropic communities. The Slingshot Fund collective giving process exposes next generation funders to a professional grant-making experience. In almost every case, the parents of the members of The Slingshot Fund have carved out a place for themselves in Jewish philanthropic life: they are trustees of foundations, federation lay-leaders, leaders of Jewish and secular women’s foundations or giving circles, chairs of the boards of well-known Jewish institutions, and so on. However many of their children, who have become involved with Slingshot in their 20s or 30s, have yet to find their places in the Jewish community. The Slingshot network nurtures next generation funders as they connect with their peers, explore their Jewish interests, find causes that resonate with their own identities and experiences, and learn the skills to emerge as leaders.

Donor education opportunities.

Since its inception, the Slingshot Fund has distributed approximately $2.5 million dollars to innovative Jewish organizations. The Slingshot Fund offers donor education opportunities for next-generation funders to learn how to become effective grantmakers. As the cycle kicks off in March, Slingshot offers sessions such as how to read financial statements, how to conduct a site visit, and what it means to be a strategic philanthropist. Slingshot will also coordinate speaking opportunities for members to begin to exercise their role as future leaders in their communities.

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