History of Slingshot

The idea for Slingshot developed organically following a weekend retreat for a dozen young Jews in 2004, who were preparing to become involved in their family foundations. Participants were hoping to learn how to navigate the alphabet soup of the Jewish community and sort out which organizations resonated for themselves and their peers. They imagined a Zagat-style guidebook and with the help of staff from the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies they worked to produce Slingshot: A Resource Guide to Jewish Innovation to highlight the 50 most innovative nonprofits in North American Jewish life for themselves and their peers.

In 2007, the next-generation funders responsible for Slingshot took their concept a step further, and created the Slingshot Fund, a peer-giving network, to support Jewish organizations that resonated with their generation. The Slingshot Fund exposes its next generation funders to a professional grant-making process. While many come from family’s involved in philanthropy, most have yet to review grant proposals, conduct site visits, and make allocation decisions. In conjunction with a group of their peers, Slingshot offers them the opportunity to develop those skills and learn from experts in the field while leveraging their small gifts into a significant grant pool.

Slingshot Today

Slingshot’s mission is to inspire the Jewish community—and grow its capacity—to innovate, focusing on the role of philanthropy in supporting that innovation. We believe that continuous innovation in Jewish life fulfills the current and future needs of the Jewish community.:

  1. Next generation funders
  2. Innovative organizations
  3. Funders of Jewish innovation

Since its inception, Slingshot has grown to become an important funding source, a closely watched seal of approval, and a leading voice advocating for innovation in Jewish life.

Our First Ever Formal Evaluation: Slingshot Impact on the Innovation Ecosystem

In April 2016, Slingshot received its first-ever formal evaluation. Highlights of the evaluation are below and to download the full report, please click HERE.



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