Slingshot Day is the largest gathering of stakeholders of Jewish innovation including social entrepreneurs, funders of innovation, next gen funders, and other Jewish community professionals. Slingshot Day was created to bring together the funders and organizations invested in innovation in Jewish life. Slingshot Day experiments with the principles of network building and collective impact to give stakeholders the opportunity to participate in open dialogue and achieve greater results. 

More information about Slingshot Day 2017 Coming Soon! 


A Snapshot of Last Year’s Program….

  • Taste of Collaboration: Over the last two years, UpStart, Joshua Venture Group, Bikkurim and PresenTense* came together to analyze the state of Jewish innovation, and to design new approaches for increasing their collective impact. Just last week, they announced they are consolidating programs and operations into a single organization – UpStart – to serve as the central resource for Jewish innovation. This session will look at what they learned from the process, and will delve into their vision for the future of Jewish innovation. (*Note: The newly envisioned UpStart will include the current U.S.-based programs of PresenTense, but PresenTense will remain an independent entity in order to advance the next stage of its global mission.) Featuring: Aaron Katler, CEO, UpStart; Aliza Mazor, Executive Director, Bikkurim; Lisa Lepson, Executive Director, Joshua Venture Group; Naomi Korb Weiss, CEO, PresenTense. Facilitated by Mamie Kanfer Stewart, Founding Director/Secretary, Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah; Director, Lippman Kanfer Family Foundation.  
  • Taste of Slingshot: The 90-Minute Slingshot Fund: Today you will participate in Slingshot’s Largest-ever communal giving experience! Through our signature 90 Minute Slingshot Fund funders and innovators come together to make $10,000 in grants to your choice of organizations from the 2016 National Slingshot Guide. Facilitated by: Jenna Weinberg, Trustee, Nathan and Lillian Weinberg Foundation and Slingshot Board Member.
  • Lunch Session: Taste of Legacy: Honoring Family Tradition: A conversation with Josh Russ Tupper and Niki Russ Federman, 4th Generation owners of Russ & Daughters, Russ & Daughters Cafe, Russ & Daughters at the Jewish Museum, and Russ & Daughters Bagels & Bakery; Carolyn Sherman Gutierrez, the creator of Ish, a premium Horseradish company; and Liz Alpern, Co-Owner of Gefilteria. Facilitated by Liz Rueven, founder, Kosher Like Me.
  • Taste of Innovation: Check out some of the newest additions to Slingshot. In this collection of experiential workshops, you will have the chance to “taste” of some of the Jewish community’s most innovative programs. Workshops presented bySvara: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva; ImmerseNYC; Custom & Craft/; Charm City Tribe; Art Kibbutz; OneTable. 
  • Taste of the Mezzanine Stage: A conversation focused on mezzanine organizations and what they need to thrive. Hear from 3 organizations that have been with us from the early days of Slingshot. Innovators will share how they have evolved since the early days and what has changed about their needs. As many of Slingshot’s Standard Bearers have moved past the start up phase, we will explore how can the funding community can continue to support organizations as they evolve. Featuring: Deborah Meyer, CEO, Moving Traditions; Ellie Kaunfer, Co-Founder/Executive Director, Mechon Hadar; David Cygielman, Founder/CEO, Moishe House. Facilitated by Aaron Bisman, Director of Audience Development, Jazz at Lincoln Center and Slingshot Board Member



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