Applicants are featured in our Slingshot guides.

All organizations and projects featured in the Slingshot guide in a given year are eligible to apply for a Slingshot Fund grant. Applications received from organizations outside of Slingshot finalists will not be considered.

Eligible applicants will receive a Request for Proposal after the guides are launched. They are invited to submit a proposal to an Application Review Committee composed of younger funders.

The Committee will host a conference call for applicants to ask questions and request additional information during the process.

After reviewing all proposals, the Committee selects a subset of applicants to site visit. Two Committee members visit with each semi-finalist and finalists are notified shortly after.

Questions and Inquiries

We will launching the 2016 fund early this summer. Please be in touch with Stefanie with any questions or to learn more about the Slingshot Fund:

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