Ayecha Resource Organization

“And G-d said to Adam in the Garden of Eden, ‘Ayecha,’ ‘Where do you stand?’” 

The Ayecha Resource Organization provides outreach and community-building for Jews of color, and also provides diversity awareness and training for the rest of the Jewish community; therefore, when G-d asks “Where do you stand?” We can all answer, “We stand together.” 

It is with this clarity of passion and mission that Yavilah McCoy founded Ayecha. As the demographics of the American Jewish community change, Ayecha is the only organization training, developing curricula, and fostering community for Jews with diverse racial and cultural backgrounds; it does so through its Rabbinical Advisory Council, Jewish Diversity Initiative, and other strategies. 

Based in St. Louis, McCoy recently opened an office in New York and is establishing herself as a start-up presence on the national Jewish scene. 

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    New York
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    Yavilah McCoy
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    11 Eighth Avenue 11th Floor New York, NY 10011
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    Andria Simckes
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